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Beneath the Skin

~~~~~ Worker bees now stuck home, busy buzzing Around in circles, until loud alarm sounded. Stream out from all hives, about being alive, Defend those attacked due to evil unreason. Professed beliefs underlie daily intolerance, Which is usually much less than skin deep. Yet we all move to the same diurnal dance, Wake up in […]

Merging Emerging

~~~~~ Where is the inspiration for poets, Wordwrights, artists, composers, Choreographers, others who sting I neglected to mention them now? Will another’s expression reach us, Inside us, to draw forth our spirit? For me, it is music, spoken word, Creativity, creation, what’s around Me, the way the wind blows, trees, Standing as they have stood, […]

In Concert

~~~~~ To make every moment a work of art, Seeing truth, each second of our day. Live as if no time is left, embrace all. Comprehend magic in the mundane. Feel music as a pianist bobs and bows, Rocks back and forth like Ray Charles. Not blindness, because music is inside; Dance soul in our […]

Stop and Choose

~~~~~ Whether we stand straight or slouch, Brothers and sisters with linked arms, Stretch out their empty fingers, Their untouched hands. We strain to reach them, to prove We stand as one, with outstretched Empty arms, in peace, solidarity. Still, we are unable to imagine all Their myriad and costly harms. Cost of life, of […]

One Small Voice

~~~~~ I cannot scream the pain and terror Of men being murdered in the streets. I cannot howl the anguish of mothers Whose daughters die because of hate. I will never know the look of children Whose mothers and fathers are gone Too soon; none can truly explain why. I cannot imagine the need for […]

No Protests in Tulsa

~~~~~ I read a news story or an opinion piece, I’m not sure which, but what it said made a lot of sense. Whether you believe the current resident of 1600 Black Lives Matter Plaza capable or not, the rally originally scheduled for Juneteenth and now moved to Saturday the 20th, is designed as a […]


~~~~~ What do we remember; are all our memories bad? Do we recall racism and hatred make us feel mad? Which are the memories which make us feel good? Family, and friends, as we stand where we stood. Is the evil recollected from the police or a stranger? Even when long-past, does our life wreak […]

If We Fail

~~~~~ Who will we be if we fail to remember The evil we have committed over time? That’s not us we say, but we’re wrong. Angry mob descended from kidnappers Angry mob descended from murderers. A people who thought slavery their due. A people who knew genocide their right. A people who turn a blind […]

The Eye We Turn

~~~~~ I speak my disquiet to the concrete and the glass And every other person who, on the lane, I pass. Tell it to the trees, the birds, every blade of grass; Officials rarely listen; so I tell each lad and lass. Nothing came from my dismal, despairing cries. Teargas, flashbangs, falling down from the […]

If We Keep Going…

~~~~~ What’s a person to do, When every day there’s something new? War and violence, pandemic, Unsanctioned, sanctioned murder, a nod, a wink. Systemic racism, top to bottom, nation-wide, Though you’ll say, don’t look at me. If not you, who would you blame instead? Do you, like me, have no safe place to stand, Numbered […]