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A Solitary Blue Heron Stands

~~~~~ A work in progress by Philias the Lesser How lush the valley grows in Spring With green refulgent at every hand. Where flowers bloom and fruit ripens, While the bees and birds commune. The farms stand empty and forlorn. All the men and women walk the lane. They look both hungry and insane. What […]

Life Courageous

~~~~~ What gifts given and received would will my words to sing? Tripping lightly from my brain, my heart, my tongue, Able to express the subtle hopes of anything and everything, The true name of all the life and death I live among. Would my hearing need to be honed exceeding fine, So I would […]

Even I

~~~~~ I absorb the art and energy of talents who have gone before. Adapting images and words as a composer incorporates, alters and highlights folk tunes. Most centuries before my time, place. How am I related, if  any way? Would a genetic test reveal me? What if my results didn’t match the story I cherish […]

What’s Always Been True

~~~~~ Hear the bells ringing, oh so far away. Yet the sound grows louder as they’re Echoing carillons nearer to our home.. Do they sing of joy or sing of danger, Wedded bliss foretold death’s sorrow? For all these moments we ring bells. Often, heedless what their story tells. We are gnarled into the noises […]

My Mind Wanders

Where the Waters Meet ~ Philip Brent Harris ~~~~~ One bunny, two bunny; white tails vanish into the lush undergrowth along the trail. One eats boldly, now a hundred feet away. Sounds of quail behind; I spot a scrub jay. Sit by a different path with different trees. Know an owl lives in a palm […]

Best of All

~~~~~ Could I write words all inclusive, a verse, an essay, short story, novel? Or all our words, if used correctly? Would smiles, silence be best of all? ~~~~~ People Over Politics, World Over Wealth! Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength, Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment Unite the World! ~~~~~ See more of my […]

Allow Us to Begin

~~~~~ The rush, hustle and bustle of our days Left with little time to think or know Who we really are, what part we play For this manifestation of infinite love. Infinite error and emotion, too, within These fragile vehicles that we call ours. They are but costumes we wear awhile. Then they are discarded […]

Seeking Infinity

~~~~~ Dance and art covers amazingly vast spectra.Religious iconography to hypersexual anime.The pure, unadulterated joy of small children,Spontaneous is their joyful expression, full of Love and the spark of creative energy. DanceMarathons, feats of feet during time of need.Focused whirl of the dervish seeking infinity. Children don’t possess limits taught to adults. The lucky ones, […]

Eons Upon Eons

~~~~~ A train whistle sounds in the distance, shifts and moans, jams with the night. The critters are there, hiding, stalking. Nest of coyote pups yips, demanding now their mother’s home; me first me. We might find the process disgusting, gross, though sometimes, we’re fools, without wit, wisdom of a court jester, or a town […]


Flowing Through Time ~ Philip Brent Harris ~~~~~ Where are we going? Where have we been? Watch the camera take the pictures now, on our journey to other times and other places. Video to encode sound and feel, language. Music, art, stories and, oh, so many things serve as our time machines, although static. We […]