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Of Course

Of Course ~~~~~ Why, of course, it’ll cost a lot. It cannot be any good, if not. Do you really believe this true, Just a bill of goods sold to you? Would you matter either way? Would it matter any given day? It cannot matter that I can see; You know, never comes for  free. […]

What Time? What Hope?

What Time? What Hope? ~~~~~ Being greedy In small steps. Grabbing what, What you want, As though It’s yours, By right Or rite. Casting bones, Waving feathers, Odds and ends Imbued with power. At midnight, Any hour Darkness hides Our fright, Our trepidation, Nervous laughter. Hoping, hoping, Longing to know The secret, Wrest the prize, […]

Lies Are Poison

Lies Are Poison ~~~~~ I need to sit upon the shore, And watch the mighty ocean. May be soft, a cradle rocking, As violent as any explosion. Remind myself there is more And odder than I’ve a notion, Beside what they’re hawking. Because their lies are poison. ~~~~~ Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength, Diversity […]

Not by Choice

Not by Choice ~~~~~ O, how strange, the quiet world around, Folks wearing masks as if going to a ball. A boring ball, same masks what’s found; Your date may leave in the evening’s pall. The gathering of the magpies and ravens Tweet testily over who controls the purse. I root for any giving small […]

Desist and Cease

Desist and Cease ~~~~~ Have you seen that picture of the barr where his lips are all askew? Is this pose meant to confuse you? One side is pushed up quite far. the other drooping down deep, It’s a smile and frown; what the bleep? He has his big, pudgy thumb pressed into his chubby […]

Sneer or Sing

Sneer or Sing ~~~~~ Do we really understand a single thing Beyond our own tiny slice of the world? Judging another’s life, we sneer or sing. Do you wonder why we act so assured? ~~~~~ Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength, Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment ~~~~~ Please, leave a comment and let me […]

Near Maverick’s Beach

Near Maverick’s Beach ~~~~~ Sitting near the breakwater, listening to someone’s music, the gentle murmurs of waves. They build into my attention, crashing slowly on the strand, sea-walls ebb in slow-motion. A seal barks, its own reason, Foghorn moans alarm, each ten seconds; a private plane turns, angling to set-down at the airport on down […]

Near but Far from Home

Near but Far from Home ~~~~~ Out for a day, near but far from home, Where do you think this child might roam? Hither, thither and even yon, What might I chance upon? A mighty tree, With children at play, becomes a tower, Though it changes by the hour. A hidden trail beneath a massive […]

Small and Petty

Small and Petty ~~~~~ Find, for me, a small and petty god. One grown right from my local sod. Who, as me, thinks, acts and looks. Who can be branded by the books. A proper deity, for me, should sate The horded hunger I have for hate. Teach spare the rod, spoil the child, Make […]

Insanity In General

Insanity In General ~~~~~ In reviewing this, I realized I reposted this June of 2018 (originally posted May 2013}, but this time I’ve updated it to reflect the tragedies caused by the travesty of our gun laws and the cowardice and or treason of the Republican leader of the senate, Moscow Mitch. (Sung to the […]