Category Humanity’s Insanity

Unexpected Wisdom

~~~~~ When children regard war and terror as normal, films, television, video games just the siren’s call. Can we wonder how fucked-up life has become; reality a child dismembered by a roadside bomb? So grab your toys, run away, find a place to hide, no help, as down the razor-blade of life we slide. Our […]

Life as We Know It

~~~~~ What do we mean when we say life as we know it? I wonder if there is anybody who really has a clue? Is it an answer we knew but have learned to forget? If we recall it, do you think it might alter our view? A long time ago, just now, void felt […]

By Any Other Name

~~~~~ Would miracles be or seem, by any other name, so grand? Miraculous, magical, names for what we don’t understand. Magic, for some speaks evil, dark powers, we can’t define. Miracles, equally mysterious, argued as proof of the divine. Minds shut so tightly, some refuse to heed any dissertation; faith in their own unknown eschews […]

Intent Ion

~~~~~ Minuscule beyond imagining, cation meets anion, sudden explosion, screaming outward, all directions, growing, spinning, spiraling into a being vast beyond comprehension. Thirteen point eight billion years alive, expanding, encompassing life, teaching, learning, amazing, baffling, Inexorable. Examining from within, delving diligently, piecing together a totality puzzle, no sample image, unrecognizable wreckage ruins or futures. Concepts, […]

Dry Their Tears

~~~~~ I remember word, that earth would be inherited by the meek I hope that it will happen soon, maybe Wednesday next week I think I could pretend, join them, but then I could not speak I know I would find it difficult if I could never open my beak You may think it odd […]

Light, A Distant Vista

~~~~~ Responsible, preoccupied, needs, daily duties, urges to create, atlas beneath my half sky, inventing my truth in beauty, before I’m late. Days fast-paced, so full of shoulds and musts to meet and answer. When so few seek either truth or beauty; they don’t pay the financier. Is shielding the candle flame from darkness worth […]

Listening Out Loud

~~~~~ What price sacrifice, what test passed, what good forgone? Do we know what to choose, if we’ve travelled far enough? Are we alone in deepest space or do we race the setting sun? That cannot be, the glint of unshed tears in your eyes, a bluff, your calculated actions, all designed to elicit tender […]