Life as We Know It

DW1 ~ Dreaming a New World ~ Philip Brent

DW1 ~ Dreaming a New World ~ Philip Brent

What do we mean when we say life as we know it?
I wonder if there is anybody who really has a clue?
Is it something we know, we have learned to forget?
If we recall it, do you think it might alter our view?

A long time ago just now, the void felt bored, empty
Decided to play by itself, the game of hide and seek
Smartly it hid as galaxies, stars, worlds, you and me
Hid so well it forgot, but all living beings could speak

We, too, forgot the search, created games, our own
King of the hill, grab the toys, hate anyone unlike us
Believe in our made up deity, my, how we’ve grown
Act heinously with pretend piety, say what’s the fuss

All because we forgot, claimed the top of the stairs
And it’s much worse than we’ve been led to believe
Our fraud has us dangling by our short, curly hairs
Terrorists, rulers, armies, rebels confuse to deceive

So difficult to follow the news, day after horrid day
Disasters, explosions, school shootings, decapitation
Or celebrity gossip, nude photos, cat videos to play
Attention short, jaded, inured, feeling no palpitation

We, just a speck on a mite, on a hair on the void’s toe
My gut say we will never find us; we blew our chance
Empty, the void’s full, everything, all that’s to know
Masters we say of the cosmic reel, but cannot dance

Can life as we know it be our amnesia’s all we’ve got
Some with a clue speak, but never seem to be heard
Let’s spend our time together, recall what we forgot
We’ll change our view and us, our conceit deferred


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