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Identity is Difficult

~~~~~ Identity, difficult to guarantee, even when you firmly believe you know exactly who you are. One morning, look in the mirror, you are certain it cannot be you. Hearing your voice, somewhere, know it must be somebody else. Your clothes drape, bind, pinch, yet, your keys are in the pocket. House you’ve lived in […]

Serial Friday ~ Arcadian Journey

Chapter Fourteen                 Charoo proved an awful place, cool, green and brown with a pale blue sky. She missed the reds and blues, Arcadia’s lovely turquoise sky. Eni adjusted the scarf over the lower half of her face. She’d done it first to mask the odd smells that greeted her when she left the ship. […]

Life as We Know It

What do we mean when we say life as we know it? I wonder if there is anybody who really has a clue? Is it something we know, we have learned to forget? If we recall it, do you think it might alter our view? A long time ago just now, the void felt bored, […]

Serial Friday ~ Arcadian Journey

Chapter Twelve Stavo stood staring in the mirror and decided there was nothing he could do to pass any better than he had before. Plus, Luus had already knocked once. The knocking grew louder and more persistent, and he wondered how long he’d stood there daydreaming. He smiled. He thought it almost looked genuine. He […]


Hark, there has been yet another mass shooting And for me, at least, such news is growing so old Headlines all become just me-too dull and boring And I’d think us better off if we were never told This wild-west shoot-em-up now commonplace And it blurs together, so oft echoed, a daily cant So numbed […]