Mountebank Brand Tea by Philip Brent

Mountebank Brand Tea
by Philip Brent

Hark, there has been yet another mass shooting
And for me, at least, such news is growing so old
Headlines all become just me-too dull and boring
And I’d think us better off if we were never told

This wild-west shoot-em-up now commonplace
And it blurs together, so oft echoed, a daily cant
So numbed by reality, we cannot keep the pace
And daily we hear of those killing who they want

Leaders who could change this don’t give a damn
And screw them all, except they might shoot me
If the climate changes, they can take it on the lam
And guns-a-plenty protect them, for a minor fee

Our games, our shows, our news glorify violence
And we are pretending this will not leave a mark
Blithely lived, our lives, shell-shocked into silence
And it cannot matter if we are shot dead, so hark


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