Waiting Again

Road to Now Here

Road to Now Here

Waiting again
So much time
Spent waiting
Inundated, inundating
Conditioned response
Absolutely predictable
As expected
Reflected, reflecting
Drab brown walls
Life stalls
In an office

Waiting room
False cheer
Of coffee
Coffee houses
Where we wait
Where we wait for, on
Ex-, current-, future
Or otherwise
So much
So much more

Down time
No time
For rhyme or reason
Fill each season
Like twittering birds
Text, tweets
Stumble on
And repeat

Killing time
Is killing us
Heads down
Hands together
Bathed in the holy
Blue glow
Everyone you know
Knows you
Knows nothing
Minutia filled
Daily drilled
To march and smile
Good soldiers all
Follow style
Heed the call
And pay

Pay the piper
Whether the dove
Or viper
Most days
All the same
Biding time
So far
From sublime
We can almost
Describe it
By its lack

We tack against
The storm
Our life
We draw nearer
To our goal
Destination unknown
Brief glimpse
Of light
Through a dark sky
Even those who deny
Repeatedly ask why

Must we wait?
What’s the hold up?
Ignored, frustrated
Still, we’ve waited
Become elated
When our turn comes
Appeased, informed
Briefly less confused
Feeling less used
Abused until
Tomorrow finds us
Waiting again


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