What’s All the Fuss?

“War is Peace; Freedom is Slavery; Ignorance is Strength; Trumpery is Reality”


Quitting Time,Too ~ Philip Brent

Quitting Time,Too ~ Philip Brent

Every day you do something that is old
Which is new, while you’ve done before
It feels like doing what you’ve been told
Makes you want to ask what all this is for

Get your daily coffee, buy your groceries
Do the best you’re able by those you love
Even if you fall short by multiple degrees
Going through your daily push and shove

Do you try to find your center, your core
What forces you to feel alive, it or nothing
Are you dazzled by glitter, trying to score
Brass ring out of reach on your TV screen

New HD, 3D, ViRtual machine your prize
Distract yourself: sports, preachers far away
Since your life contains no possible surprise
Just hidden fees, taxes you must always pay

Is this all there is to life; why do we bother
Go where we are told and do as they bid us
Seems simpler if in our cribs we’d smother
If this the best we can do, what’s all the fuss


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