All Goes On

“War is Peace; Freedom is Slavery; Ignorance is Strength; Trumpery is Reality”


Preternatural Harbor ~ Philip Brent

Preternatural Harbor ~ Philip Brent

We always fail at peace, fighting war to reach it
Same with poverty, drugs, countries and people
It is like battling the ocean to staunch the storm
Think firing bullets at the sea, dumb as it sounds
While all we do makes it certain the ocean wins
Ocean neither knows nor gives one grain of salt
All the many wars we wage, we harm ourselves
Cosmos goes on with us without us, seems to me
Yet now, a small portion of the world lives well
Care not at all about the people their greed harms
The next question is if it is now too late to change
Or will we merely continue to wage endless wars
Murdering the ground, sea, and sky along with us
Can we hold on, ride out the tempest till it’s calm

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