Keeping a Whether I

“War is Peace; Freedom is Slavery; Ignorance is Strength; Trumpery is Reality”


Final Frontier ~ Philip Brent

Final Frontier ~ Philip Brent

He told me he owned many great books
And wondered if that would be counted
Certainly, it would total up to something
Proving only conspicuous consumption
Yet, our cosmos does not rely on proofs
The meager, meaningless games we play
Pretending that we actually understand
But it does not matter if we comprehend
The universe works in the manner it does
It functions as it always has, always will
Whether we step back, relax, to take time
Making our journey as easy and pleasant
As we can, or we can fight, kill, and die
We will live in the way in which we live
We will end in the way in which we end
Our universe is born, grows, alters, dies
True for the first curtain, the last encore


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