What’s Going On ~ Rise Up, Rise Up, Rise Up

Marvin Gaye, and a group of talented musicians, writers and arraigners crafted and recorded the song and the album,” What’s Going On in 1970/71 and it resonates until this day. There are conflicting stories of how it came to be, but whatever the details, the music and the message live on. Sometimes, for me, when this happens, I feel moved to combine what I’ve heard with my own words as counterpoint. Whether my efforts are successful or only muddy up the brilliance already expressed, time will ultimately judge. I invite your opinions on my effort, no matter how you feel I did in adding my words to those already written.

Je Suis Vous ~ Philip Brent

Je Suis Vous ~ Philip Brent

What’s Going On

Rise Up, Rise Up, Rise Up

Makes me wanna holler, the way they do my life
A sad lament, a lasting echo left from distant time
This ain’t livin’, no, baby, the way they do my life
Forty-five years on and it is worse than the same

Guns sing pain and death across this, every land
Panic spreading, God knows where we’re heading
Bullets must not end what we tomorrow planned
While crime is increasing, trigger-happy policing

Can’t find no work, can’t find no job, my friend
Despite good guys or bad guys, not the old west
Understand, money is tighter than it’s ever been
Require rich to share their bucks, surely you jest

Alleged, would-be leaders we cannot believe
I don’t understand, ain’t nothing but trouble lately
Magician’s misdirection as our future they thieve
Self-destruction at where good feelings await me

You see war is not the answer, no need to escalate
Yet we war against everything except bloody war
Got to find a way, for only love can conquer hate
Invading other lands brought terror to our door

Who believes it possible to walk a peaceful road
I just want to ask a question. Who really cares?
Politics and violence cannot do what we’re told
To save a world in despair. Who really cares?

There’ll come a time … the world won’t be singing
Now, as then is the time half a century ago predicted
Because flowers won’t grow, no bells will be ringing
Now our lives to violence, gore and pain are addicted

Tears we should have shed would leave us drowning
When I look at the world, it fills me with sorrow
It will all go away while ourselves we are crowning
Children today, are really going to suffer tomorrow

Some of us are aware that it is good for us to care
Step back, step back, step back, our Earth’s afire
Some feel icy winds poverty blowing through the air
Rise up, rise up, rise up, to our best selves aspire


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