Twixt Art and Eternity

Life Explodes ~ Philip Brent

Life Explodes ~ Philip Brent

What waits within us; what secrets might it seek
Are we merely meat puppets, if bold or if meek
We think we’re the best, after our upward climb
Before we see artwork that is more than sublime

We are staggered, stunned, stopped in our tracks
In transcendent beauty, ugly, fair, nothing it lacks
Inner truth to inner truth, and right to your heart
Bonded better than epoxy, it’ll never come apart

May escape your inner eye a week, month, year
If not remembered, considered, it is always there
Despite what you imagine, life is never the same
Anyone says other, lies, no matter what’s claimed

Fateful chance remakes you, although unknown
Yet you deny all the wisdom you may have won
Rejecting it, you become less than you have been
Covet it as yours alone, commit worse than a sin

Query the artist, whose soul you are wont to hold
Whether illicitly retained, obtained when it is sold
Art is a time and place creator and creation meet
Seen true, it’s more nourishing than bread or meat

Still, some see only paint on canvas, board or wall
Since apprehending art may decide if we rise, fall
If we refuse, cannot admit art in all forms matters
Our adolescent brutality may insure all life shatters


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