Constant Companion, Mutual Friend

For Closure ~ Brent Harris

For Closure ~ Brent Harris

Boarded the train with me
As usual, I failed to notice
Or wonder who it might be
Perceived no sign of artifice

Pushed my cart in the store
I remained quite unaware
My hands on the push bar
Didn’t notice anyone there

Changed my baby’s diapers
With my husband’s hands
Pried rubber from my wipers
I did not begin to understand

Help to tie my stylish neck tie
Cinched tight beneath my neck
Under my father’s watchful eye
I mean, what would you expect

Confused, befuddled my mind
Although, I still resided inside
Yet myself I can no longer find
So I wonder if I may have lied

Our time flows forever onward
Perhaps, it circles like a wheel
As I hide upon the greensward
Awaiting night, my day to steal

Turned, walked round a corner
Until I became lost from sight
The thin walls, ever worn more
And what’s hidden in plain sight


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