The World I Love

Random Access ~ Philip Brent

Random Access ~ Philip Brent

(To the tune of: The Man I Love – Gershwin)

Now the yellow gloom cannot gleam
Ev’ry night I dream an awful dream
All the worse the harm has made me scream
No he or she
Although I despise, I tell you true
It is almost sure my dream will come true
To me it’s clear
That we’ll disappear
Some day all will be gone
The world I love
Whether it is short or long
The world I love
And when we’re gone away
Nothing will ever miss our stay
They’ll look around and smile
And understand
More room to stand
And though it seems absurd
The end of time will not be heard
Maybe someone will stall the day
Maybe Monday, maybe not
Now we’re sure to meet our doom
Maybe Tuesday will be our bad news day
We’ll blast our little home
Just what we do
Who would – would you?
Still all the fools above
Are destroying the world I love


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