Bet an Orangutan

Ennui and Entropy ~ Philip Brent

Ennui and Entropy ~ Philip Brent

My lips turn down, my shoulders slump
Each time I hear news of Donald Trump
Summer of the Donald my friend decried
Honestly, I think I’d rather be circumcised

He’s such a perfect candidate, you shout
Spouting he will fix it all, no concrete plans
Supporters don’t care, so won’t be found out
His words crafted to inspire bigots and clans

Rich as Croesus, no care how the rest live
Devoid of reality, talks to hear his own voice
Fans have no idea what he will do or will give
If given the chance, he will still be their choice

Don’t aim to be a downer, I’m sad, confused
Sorry if I sound like I am down in the dumps
His, a game of winners and losers, I’ve refused
Bet an orangutan’s compassion trumps Trump’s

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