Spare Change

The Face in the Door ~ Brent Harris

The Face in the Door ~ Brent Harris

I say it and I say it and I say it again. I say it this way, I say it that way, I say it another way. No one listens. Perhaps I’m preaching to the converted, but I cannot tell. Give me an Amen. Somebody. Anybody. Please.

I realize I write for me before others, but it’s lonely writing in a void, a vacuum, a black hole. How can I know I’m whole, when I see nothing, hear nothing and no one and no sliver of my light escapes?

Wait. A glimmer. Gone, but in the Nanosecond flash, I see I’m surrounded by and imbued with the detritus of other cast-off lives, Then, I remember. The universe we all inhabit was cast off in the big bang. All the comets, moons, planets our very beings were all created from cast-off star stuff. Scientists believe they may understand what caused all this to happen. It’s only a theory.

My theory is that each change, transmutation, evolution within our cosmic sphere has intention at its heart and as its root cause. This intent may be astonishingly infinitesimal, but contain an attraction out of proportion to its size. Mustard seeds and mountains come to mind. If focus and confidence of purpose are at the core of this intent, it will draw others into its orbit, until critical mass is achieved. From there, it pushes outward until everything in its vicinity is transformed and recreated.

So, I intend to write about change. Who knows, maybe I will be the catalyst, the center of gravity that leads to humanity becoming more mature and the planet becoming a better place. Until then, got any spare change?


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