Cheap Bead on a Necklace of Stars

Stranger in a Strange Land ~ Philip Brent

Stranger in a Strange Land ~ Philip Brent

When will we say enough is more than enough
Will it be before our world, life cries, “time out”
Will we be told, exit the stage, leave all our stuff
Never convinced we knew what our play’s about

Where have we gone wrong in the deeps of time
Perhaps, a wrong person took a rock in the head
Or something else meant to crawl from the slime
I know I can only shrug, with my arms outspread

If this is how we should be, I am totally confused
Do we exist at a capricious deity’s cheap pleasure
All of our buttons, bows, stays to then be reused
A crappy, cosmic show to turn trash into treasure

If anyone learns the answers, I doubt it’ll be me
Though, I don’t know enough to claim I am sure
More in heaven and on earth, than in my biology
I hope one day the cancer we are will find a cure

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