Glad We’re Here

Gods or Monsters

Gods or Monsters

Blinded by the news, the views
The games and claims of fame,
Jihads, land grabs, liberation occupations
It’s hard to completely understand

The continued good of nations
I know the arguments, initial reasons
For these and other conventions to
From ourselves protect us, each one

All of these same arguments
Have been made long before now
Still, we haven’t changed at all
We should, by now, know how

No first, second, third, just first and last
No longer a developed world, the rest
Only the have-nots and the haves remain
Where some live at ease, but not the rest

Success grants liberties, we’re aware
We grovel before them, hide envy, fear
Truly, they care, toss a penny in our cup
Walk on us, out of the muck, glad we’re here


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