Self Portrait
Recollections and Reflections




Being kicked off the highway a dozen in San Antoine can’t compare
To a truckload full of rednecks who decide they want to cut your air
The second car stopped for me and once inside I breathed a glad sigh
All the way to L.A., then further North, I rode by my thumb, no lie

Ended up in Palo Alto on the west side of Stanford, then downtown
I’d run out of money in a place where I knew no one, feeling down
In the House of PI’s, a restaurant, some hippies offered me their floor
No questions asked, no money offered, just the times I’m pretty sure

Days waiting for a delayed, cross-country, income-tax refund check
Curly long blonde hair and black felt hat, so young and such a wreck
Looking quite forlorn, I sat around outside with nowhere I could go
Watching a gathering in Lytton Plaza, I heard a pretty girl say hello

She’d waited while her girlfriend tried to pick up a cute but random guy
She tapped her toe and waited, cast her eyes about, saw me and said hi
Still no money, but she bought me coffee and a cookie and we talked
She drove me to the place I was staying, though I could have walked

We stayed in her car and talked some more, I believe that we made out
I got her number before she drove away, though I’m sure I had doubts
A couple of days, a week, I called her and found that she wasn’t home
Gone to a rodeo in Salinas, which I can’t say I thought it sounded fun

I thought I must have read things wrong and had my income-tax check
Bought supplies, loaded up, off to a commune up north, what the heck
Overloaded, with a surplus Army tent balanced on top, I feared its fall
But I never made my planned journey to this northern commune after all

Struggling beneath my heavy load, I walked west along University Avenue
I reached Lytton Avenue and found my pretty lady keeping the way in view
She said she had a feeling she needed to heed, had waited there four hours
We went on together then till now, though not always just a bed of flowers

We moved in together a month after we first met, though it’s hard to believe
Finding someone I could love for life, who loved me was hard to conceive
We’ve been together ever since, over forty-two years, so I feel very blessed
Ask me now if I believe in fate, some things meant to be, I’d say loudly, yes!



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