The Swansong of William Theodore Peacock?

Cosmic Maelstrom

Cosmic Maelstrom

The Swansong of William Theodore Peacock?

Stop up my ears and cover my eyes
Redeem me from the nightly news
From their blatant, calculated lies
To the men behind the curtain, pay
Pay no attention
So-called leaders, smoke and mirrors
Sleight of hand, misdirection and distraction

Shall I evoke the message, style
From an earlier era?
A man, a poet, wordwright exploring
Exploring self, aging and when
Eyes say goodbye, hello
Whether we’ll remember, how we’ll know
Which from either, neither

Shall I give up? Shall I give up?
Shall I sip a draught of hemlock as I sup?

Shall I then bury my head in the sand?
Dig a deep hole with my plastic shovel?
Truth I hold within my hand
Yet cannot save my hovel
Heavy hangs my waxing gravid mood tonight
Birthing fell darkness to steal the light

Listen! Horsemen four check their tack,
Mount, prepare to ride
Don’t panic, scream, run in circles
No hole’s deep enough for you to hide
Filth-covered, scrape and grovel
Pray not to be noticed, chosen
Hope a scrap of bread to find
Change. Dream the world
Primordial chaos swirled
Within your scrying glass

Shall I give up? Shall I give up?
Shall I sip a draught of hemlock as I sup?

Today forgotten today

Living in yesterday’s rooms
Wearing my Sunday best from youth
Or jeans rough and ragged, scuffed and soiled
Which could be anything
Claim others, to have lived lives aware
To know where they were, are going
Down a narrow, winding path, up a stair
All screaming
Screaming in speed, destruction
Dealing this missile launch
This game, which we call life

Divided like a deck of cards
Half-shuffled, loose order to the rest
Relationships from an earlier contest
Lost, won or abandoned
Now, I’ve become my life’s dealer
The player (I hope) no longer played
Too aware and too concerned
Outcome and each trick
Each fall of cardboard tokens
Symbols of the world, each
Card and combo examined
The jeweler’s loupe, the judge’s score

Hands of childhood, liver spotted
Play with toys, put away, long and best forgotten

What games we all play
Each card snap, the clatter of dice
Spinning the gun’s chamber
Courting a final answer
Round and round she goes,
Where she stops
No one knows
The carney’s tempting siren song
Seduces us so easily away
From perceived duties, necessities, hardships

Never mind the choices made and offered
May I even recognize, remember myself

Perception rules us all
Pleasure sought and pain fled
Concepts understood, reality disguised
Pain secret within the sultry voice
Secreted in the reasoned voice of unreason
The free lunch
The deal too good to be true
An inside straight
Straight onto thin ice
Straighten up and fly right
Fly by night
Nightly news full of fear
My own voice I cannot hear

Once, may I beauty behold,
As the balance of my life unfolds?

Open my ears, my eyes, my mouth
Send them forth to seek truth
Gather my breath, my will, my heart
Striding forth, each step a start,
Each once a once upon a time
Choosing the game we’ll play, or version
Aversion to the moves which fail
Failing avarice, hatred, bigotry
Dropping all our weapons, so we may hold
So boldly, the choices we need
Courting strategy to make our moves
Moves which all shall choose

I have heard death whistling, falling from the sky
Bombs I imagine falling on thee and me

Still, past all the mountaintops, I have perceived
The blue-black ocean of space
The star stuff which planted and will harvest
Us, a hybrid crop of life
Choking out all others
Not what blind fate or destiny assumed
We have come to call the tune
What weak fortune we seek
False gold, false gods no matter
Whatever faith, religion, government
What army or to what system we subscribe
Let all the sleepers wake, imbibe

Imbibe intoxicating hope, ambrosial love
Ask the distant stars to dance
With ants and atoms a gavotte
All one, understanding, everything
Everything we think we are, we’re not
Let love, the binding universal source
Shred the hair shirts of our bloody reign
Reign of terror, of willful stupidity
To calmly sit, discuss our differences
Differences trumped by our homogeneity
Accepting what we cannot alter
No matter what or how strongly
We believe or can conceive
As we sow, so shall we receive

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