Lies and Truth

Clothes Make the Man ~ Philip Brent

Clothes Make the Man ~ Philip Brent

What ways
We wander
Wonder why
Search, seek
Twisted trails
Tall tales
Following fools
Meaning morsels
Broken breadcrumbs
Mired meanders
Wide walkways
Paved pathways
Rural roads
Long lanes
Dusty drives
Graveled grades
Sleek superhighways
Cacophonous cities
Electronic expressways
Digital dead-ends

Exploring escape
Though terrified
Buffaloed by
Trying times
Failing physiques
Alliterative advertising
Risible rhymes
Nonstop news
Constant coercion
Continuous calamity
Depressing disasters
Daunting decisions
Vicious violence
Mass murder
Dastardly deniers
Know nothings
Police, prejudice
Guns, gangs
Terminal terror
Wanton waste

Government graft
Libertine lobbyists
Pusillanimous politicians
Blaggards, backstabbers
Power players
Dithering, delaying
Spitting, spouting
Obsequious obscenities
Vulgar vanity
Self-serving soliloquies
Doubtlessly desiring
Personal profit
Venal villains
Sanctimonious sinners
Gratuitously greedy
Constantly craving
More money
Forever fostering
Madness, misogyny
Blatant bigotry
Lying leaders
Crying, claiming
Enemies, evil
Terrible tyrants
Fully funding
Massive military
Neglecting neighborhoods
Hearth, home
Health, happiness
Pretend patriotism
Invasions instead
Bombs, bullets
Indiscriminant IED’s
Funded friends
Putrid profiteers
War wreckage
Civilian casualties
Wounded warriors
Valorous veterans
Ignominiously ignored

Pandering priests
Pernicious pastors
Militant mullahs
Boasting belief
Waging war
Spurious support
Querulous questions
High hopes
Battered, beleaguered
Failing faith
Positive proof
Higher power
Sadly slim
Brittle, baseless
Fears, fables
Faults, foibles
Paranoia personified
Frivolous fantasies
Poor, pitiful
Hapless humanity

These truths
They teach
But barefaced
Lazy lies
Offering only
Hollow hope;
Contemplate carefully
Before believing
Their touted
Rationalized reality:
Nothing natural
Without wonder
Lamentably lost
Glorious galaxies
Shining stars
Peopled planets
Love, laughter
Account accordingly
Orchestrated oblivion
Possible peace


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