A Different Day

Global Brand Stupidi Tea ~ Philip Brent

Global Brand Stupidi Tea ~ Philip Brent

In this instant generation is it ever just now?
If each moment is an anticipated future, how?
Recording all our lives for future delectation
Can existence contain any new expectation?

Will it ever be right now, this moment, day?
Can we live now while deciding what to say?
It is said, history is written by the winners
Then, will our future be written by cameras?

More extreme than filming one’s vacation
You felt their air, heard local conversation
Tangled in the web, with our head in a cloud
Can we experience life’s noise, life’s crowds?

Nothing good or evil, but thinking makes it so
Shakespeare’s warning, we pick, friend or foe
Yet all are the same at the heart and the core
Instead of keeping, we could change the score

When did we go sideways instead of straight?
Forgot the difference, the choice, love or hate
Some are certain their current prophets lived
Answering a divine voice from minutia sieved

The Greeks, Romans and Norse weren’t insane
What of the Jews, Hindus, Buddhists and Janes
I cannot, will not judge if they’re right or wrong
Different voices in the choir, singing other songs

We must accept that harm, discord will accrue
Whether incited by the many or only just a few
Can any believe their celestial creator tone deaf?
Making their part, arrangement the chosen clef

Such pride, insult to think yours is the only way
Know your heinous acts blessed; you hold sway
People say our asylum earth is run by its inmates
We repeat our actions, expect other results, fates

We praise our cause, claim it done in god’s name
Certainly, that must be taking god’s name in vane
This brands us blasphemers, insane or just stupid
If not, it goes a long way toward our opening bid

Resembling a flea who thinks it the reason for a dog
Perhaps, then no need to repent for acid rain, smog
This size relation, if for argument’s sake, is extended
God’s flea comb will find us, so our tiny life is ended

Silly imagining I grant you, the truth so hard to grasp
Are you sure that you continue beyond your last gasp
Children we are, within any vision of reality you hold
Believe nothing alters, when called home, how bold

It’s time to lay down our toys and our imagined gains
Gather all together, share the wisdom we’ve attained
Walk calmly, companions, as we wend our way home
Tomorrow, a different day; we choose what’s to come


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