Our Being

Black and Light ~ Philip Brent

Black and Light ~ Philip Brent

Our being is expressed in everything
Every breath, word spoken or written
Indeed, the writing and speech itself
What we most misunderstand, despise
May tell us more than any other thing
Dark clouds bring rain, clean the air
Impregnate the earth so all can grow

Yet somehow here, where I live now
We have mutated into a tangled mess
Branches join into branches, no leaves
Minimal nutrition from gnarled roots
Scant seeds have blown and scattered
To express the very best of our being

Pray we only, this dark, twisted thing
Inner reality our leaders show the world
Will break down in time to be compost
Every all, light and dark must combine
Until we find a way to merge ourselves
As we spin through time, a flipped coin
Not just one side no matter how we land


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