Distance to Anywhere or

Long Division ~ Philip Brent

Would You Like Coffee With That?

What does it matter,
How I feel
What I do
Infinitesimal or less
In the list of all
Things, stuff, piffle
Merely a passing moment
A falling leaf
An ant’s call to battle
Depth of the ocean
Distance to anywhere
Near or far
All different
All the same
Do you remember
When you were here
When you were here
Not reincarnation
Not in the sense you think
Atoms, stars and galaxies
Everything you imagine
Throw in the kitchen sink

And still
You cannot imagine
Encompass it all
In this meager
Sack of flesh
Which is within
Which contains
Every bit
Every moment
A connection
A reflection
What you think,
Think you see
All true
All a lie
Have a piece of pi


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