Happy Trails to You

Let's Do the Time Warp Again ~ Philip Brent

Let’s Do the Time Warp Again ~ Philip Brent

I look around and wonder what each of us sees
Where I sit, it’s cliché, the forest from the trees
I’m, like, listening to, like, voices impressed, like
Never mind, I think I will go out for a long hike

We mistake politicians for leaders, know they lie
Kill, discredit true leaders, but do we wonder why
Mourn them, not truly knowing what’s been done
Or how we have been held back or what is gone

Still, I have just heard of a scientist who proposed
Concrete research into parallel dimensions, plus
Time seeds, ideas sent to the past, a compass rose
Eliminate traffic and pollution, to ride a solar bus

I just made up last part, at least that’s what I think
The thought about the solar bus; oh, not the other
Yet, maybe, I should pour myself a big, stiff drink
Every man’s a son and every woman is a daughter

Born mewling, pooping, puking babes, who’ll die
Grow to set out, seek adventure, fortune and fame
Except those meek, who can only follow, fear, cry
Persuaded they are better than others in the game

All that has been born perishes on its chosen day
Cosmos, galaxies, stars, planets and all life entails
We leave but a brief legacy when we’re gone away
I am ready to grow up and I wish you happy trails

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