Gods or Monsters ~ Brent Harris

Gods or Monsters ~ Brent Harris

Words, for me, wind down
My art draws me, to paint
All my words, all the words
Any language, form, intent
Incomplete to curry change


I grasp I’ll persist, scribbling
Verses, essays, stories, more
Offering vision, being, truth
My truth, which the universe
Fills or drains, ebbs or flows


Creating courses high to low
Following, flowing only down
Wandering, finding the path
The route of least resistance
Creating my current cosmos


My stream of consciousness
Uncovers my inner presence
Sharing all with all the world
No impediments, no barriers
No demands, no ultimatums


To mete my meager wisdom
My small talents, found late
Myself conveyed, expressed
Neither damned nor blessed
Only who I am, this moment



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