Too Little, Too Late

SAD, TOO SAD ~ Brent Harris

SAD, TOO SAD ~ Brent Harris

Since up is down, down is up
Although neither is the other
Stand upon your head to sup
Don’t know why you’d bother

Life finds me dizzy some days
Even when I don’t spin about
Punched right between my eyes
I feel so full of angst and doubt

I think the world is turned over
With the north now in the south
So that every hater is now a lover
While crap spews out my mouth

For all our talk of love and justice
Many are bigots, many are fools
Of race, sex, religion, say just this
We are mostly somebody’s tools

A shovel plants but may dig a grave
Rope secures, also used in hanging
From the rage of mobs, please save
Hear all the warning bells aclanging

Might we only need some new app
That zaps us when we practice hate
More than likely, we will act the sap
Not catching on until it is far too late

Many think a united world is wrong
No kinship lost, like you may think
For me, that’s such a sad, tired song
Kinship won’t matter upon the brink

A wayward breeze or a slight wobble
Could send us crashing to our doom
Still, the world around us, we gobble
After our end, there’ll be more room

Study now, how we survived our rise
Hunting and gathering, the new norm
Don’t tell me that comes as a surprise
In roving bands most will then reform

An enclave here, there to hold before
To help restore lost hope, knowledge
With our record, unsure what it’s for
You might as well hide under a hedge


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