When Fear Fades

Life Seeks Center

Life Seeks Center

When fear fades, what will I discover
Maybe another person the same as me
One who struggles to meet like needs
Who seeks the same answers that I do

When anger fades, who will I become
Will I learn to be patient, quiet, to wait
Never to merely speak, but to converse
To think, feel and have a dialog with all

When sadness fades, what will I discern
May I understand there’s no separation
Between joy, sorrow, pleasure and pain
Nor what is seen, hidden, real or fiction

When aggression fades, what might I try
Can I then choose to study war no more
Give freely of myself, sharing all with all
As all partake our endless cosmic repast

When hope fades, will I grow deaf, blind
Lay down in wild lands, naked and alone
Unaware that I am but one stitch in time
Only a single voice in the cosmic chorus

When love fades, will I remember myself
Having subsumed myself in other beings
Realize at last, again that there’s no ending
Nothing is ever lost or gained, all remains

When perception fades, will I begin to see
Comprehend that I create my own reality
And simultaneously reality also creates me
Wave to particle, here, there, everywhere

When need fades, will I see neath my face
Taking off my costume, mask and manner
Standing exposed in the darkness and light
Realize that there’s only ever one day/night

When existence fades, will I begin to live
Present, awake and aware every moment
United, unique, color, note, word, instant
Nonexistent, eternal, perfect, flawed, one


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