How Will the Rest Survive?

M.A.D ~ Philip Brent

M.A.D ~ Philip Brent

A verse for this or any holiday/family gathering.

The tension was so thick we sliced it and served it for dinner.

He didn’t notice.

The hostility so sharp we had marinated that tension in it.

He didn’t know it.

The rancor so pervasive it filled the room and suffocated us.

He didn’t feel it.

The anger so vitriolic it spiked our drinks, spiced our food, filled us with anxiety.

He didn’t taste it.

His mind had grown closed, darkening sight to blindness, muffling ears to silence.

He didn’t realize it.

Everyone around him suffered greatly.

He didn’t understand it.

We always thought he didn’t care.

He was simply unaware.


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