This Property Condemned

For Closure ~ Brent Harris

For Closure ~ Brent Harris

It was the third house on a far block
Framed-up on a little dead-end street
We thought it was ours, but no lock
Just being built and almost complete

Still, we went and talked to the owner
Who allowed that he’d built it for us
Refusal would have been such a boner
We said we thought it would be plush

We thought it all right, you understand
We’d make a change or two, of course
It’d be ours, not as the owner planned
So we lied, without one bit of remorse

The house would be completed soon
It took just a week, if we’re being exact
We moved in, on a weekday, at noon
For the moment, we decided to relax

Furnished in styles, broad and ranging
With automatic lighting, day and night
And with just a little bit of rearranging
It might almost begin to look all right

None of our plans were all that major
Though some may call them tasteless
We’d heed no advice from a neighbor
Of course, we were sure we knew best

We dismantled some of the furnishing
Then put it back together to our liking
With poor copies, we invented c’ching
Were told to think them quite striking

Told that we could have and own them
Which we believed was what we needed
With a show of destruction for mammon
So all of our mock timidity soon receded

We then changed so many more things
Though we were far from being satisfied
Short of some scheme a fat profit brings
Was there anything that we had not tried

We decided what we needed was help
We started having many more children
And fought and killed them, our whelp
While some of them took over buildin’

Well, it seems we’ve run into a problem
Since the upstairs bathroom has clogged
Now, it has turned into us against them
They are screaming, we must be flogged

Perhaps, we will call the plumber soon
Get the owner or someone else to do it
Be careful, they might send a big goon
Stop saying we had our chance, blew it

You could not have managed any better
I mean, we had quite a limited education
It’s not our fault; you can’t lock that fetter
It happened when we’d gone on vacation

We tried our best, you must agree we did
Now, there’s simply no sense getting terse
It didn’t help when the owner sent his kid
Since then, everything’s just gotten worse

Try the owner, better luck with the mice
He disappeared shortly after we moved in
Oh, we’ve seen him, maybe once or twice
I swear, I thought he was smashed on gin

Cussed like a sailor, created major trouble
Nearly drowned us, all the tears he cried
We locked him up, we did, on the double
Maybe it was not a good choice; we tried

Mostly the plumbing has been screwed up
There’s garbage scattered across the floor
I am thirsty and I can’t find one clean cup
Soon, we won’t be able to get out the door

We kill each other at the drop of one word
We war and slaughter with no reason at all
For avarice and power or haven’t you heard
Like living in a ghetto, if in a room or a hall

I have not one idea for what we’ll have to do
Well, I do; I’ve found no one to listen so far
It has become such a horror, I want to spew
Not my problem ere long; belly up to the bar


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