Ere We Fall

Road to Now Here ~ Brent Harris

Road to Now Here ~ Brent Harris

Who knows what we have lost to the cause of war
Music, art, novels, plays, poems, films and more
Bachs, Da Vincis, Berninis, Monets create wings
The Shakespeares, Elliotts, Cassatts gone missing

Would we find saviors numbered among the dead
No way now to know to where they may have led
Wars are equal-opportunity, high costs pecuniary
Saints, sinners, old, young, teachers, healers the fee

Rippers, rapers, killers, despots, oligarchs as well
May also have died on war’s field, how can we tell
Did we, do we even have a choice in our fell deed
Driven by planet imperative, balance a cosmic need

We might no longer exist without war’s roaring fire
Would the time we gained be worth the loss entire
Of all our young women, men, seniors, children all
Our destiny unrealized; we’re defeated ere we fall


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