Remember, Remember the Eleventh of September and So Much More

Always Remember ~ Image from ~ Modified by Philip Brent

Always Remember ~ Image from ~ Modified by Philip Brent

On this day thirteen years ago, innocent people died
Perished in terror as their loved-ones hoped or cried
Just their daily routines, in moments all burned away
Some of our reason, our innocence also died that day

Truly, that hateful day, all gave some and some gave all
Be ever thankful to those who chose to answer the call
For this alone they are heroes that we should remember
Hail them every day, not just the eleventh of September

Stand up and applaud all those brave women and men
Who rose to this terrible challenge, would do so again
Some by profession, but all with the same guiding light
Confronted by horror, disaster, yet wouldn’t take flight

Remember, too, those who twisted this, took us to war
Urged by Halliburton, bed-mate and corporate whore
Those, who straight-faced, lied about fictitious WMDs
Claimed for our good, so they could do as they please

Remember all of those first responders who have paid
Paid with their health and their lives to deliver that aid
Since, waited, asked and fought to receive any benefits
Who have suffered long after, coughed lungs up in bits

Remember a president who said mission accomplished
Though a war we started did not end because he wished
More troops sent to fight; all were damaged, some died
And many innocent civilians perished because we lied

Remember jingoist and hate-filled flag-waving intolerants
Who accepted no reasoned discourse, but only wild rants
Of conservative pundits, those bigots and corporate beards
Who exhorted us then to believe  beards should be feared

Remember facial hair and dark skin are your new enemy
Even if they who grew up on the same street as you or me
Forget many people have come here because they yearn
For the freedom we tout, which they hope they can earn

Remember, know I will never forgive or forget this attack
But violence, hatred and bigotry will not bring anyone back
This devastated us and more, because it was on our shore
Our home had been defiled, which we hadn’t seen before

Remember that the shock and awe we threw from the sky
A calculated misinterpretation of the words: eye for an eye
Suddenly killing men, women and children indiscriminately
It is a barbarous act, whether it’s been done to me or by me

Remember all those who were injured or died on this day
But, please, decide war, aggression cannot be our only way
Sudden attacks, death, destruction, stark omens, our reality
Far away from home, Pennsylvania, D.C. or New York City



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