Always Choose

To the Lighthouse ~ Brent Harris

To the Lighthouse ~ Brent Harris

Would that it be so, that we could redream our world in sleep
Though, I suppose we must decide are we a butterfly or a man
Dreams are the seeds of change and hope; is it too great a leap
I will wonder, write, share this vision, at least that is my plan

I will live my days as best I can, trying always to be the finest me
Strive to care beyond my fear; forgive myself any stumble or fall
On dark days of the soul, this too shall pass, it is only temporary
Although I may fall short, I will always choose to answer my call

After the setting sun has glorified our sky and stars slip into being
Though the noise and light, modern living, block them from view
As with our chance for transformation, it’s here and we unseeing
I will hold this glory in my sight and pray I greet the morning light

As I lay me down to bed, thoughts of parity and plenty in my head
If I live until the morrow, hope it is not full of war, pain or sorrow
Now I lay me down to sleep, soft prayers for peace right and meet
If I die before I wake, hope it’s not because we made a big mistake



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