Even When, We Must

The Pen's Might ~ Brent Harris

The Pen’s Might ~ Brent Harris

We must celebrate what’s good, but expose what is wrong
We must never be complacent; say the day cannot be won
We must guard the gains we garner, no matter how small
Even the smallest light, the tiniest step forward benefits all

We must fight against the fossils who pull us back in time
We must be vigilant against their backward time machine
We must never just accept that the world is as they tell it
Even when we are force-fed on their daily ration of bullshit

We must strive to offer only the finest of what we are able
We must teach by example; barring no-one from our table
We must be brave, hold out against the growing darkness
Even when we quake in terror and would choose to do less

We must accept everyone, no matter who, what or where
We must remember we’re all the same, never live in fear
We must show love to hate, peace to war, despite the cost
Even when faint hearts fear the worst and believe all is lost

Even when zealots believe they alone may know the truth
Even when reality, our daily lives bely our dreams of youth
Even when our hope is gone, depressed, defeated, in pain
We must be brave, “we shall overcome” ever our refrain


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