On this sad and tragic day for our nation and for our world, I urge all to mourn the fallen, innocent civilians and valiant first responders. Remember those who were injured or suffered any harm then unto the present moment, at home or abroad. Our world should find this day and any day a time to recall all the atrocities committed since, tragic for the actions of the fanatical few and the apathy of those who abandoned those left behind.  May we hold them in our hearts as worthy of our love and care. Whether they are strangers or loved-ones, they are us. In that spirit, I would remind us all to be joyful and thereby conquer hate.


Je Suis Vous ~ Philip Brent

                                           Je Suis Vous ~ Philip Brent

“War is Peace; Freedom is Slavery; Ignorance is Strength; Trumpery is Reality”



In this place of art, beauty and music
Seeking to find my inner peace, place
In the midst of sorrow and feeling lost
An empty vessel yearning to be filled
To awaken again spilling forth, joyful
Watching art become itself, expressive
Expressing the singular and all, divine
Universe, universal, incomprehensible
Understood together; as ultimate, only
Harmonies of east, west, in four points
Acknowledged, neglecting up or down
A center from which all spring, joyful
Life, union, complete, whole, separate
Till action engenders hope, brightness
All within our cosmic, starry darkness
Night’s cloak safely wrapped round us.
So we believe in our limited awareness
Yearn for connection, understanding
Joyful, all conjoin, our ground of being


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