I Know, I Know

Boneyard Brand  ~ Philip Brent

    Boneyard Brand ~ Philip Brent

I realize without radical changes in government, in the greed of the wealthiest among us and in our paranoid national mindset, we will never implement more restrictive gun laws. Guns are part of our culture, and will, no doubt, remain so for many years to come. I’m not opposed to this, except when guns are used for trophy hunting and the guns which serve no purpose other than killing people, pistols and automatic weapons with extended magazines. I’m sure many people find pleasure in firing them. I’m not sure we can win the argument for stricter laws and background checks, so I propose a simpler solution. It’s not foolproof, nothing is, only simpler.

All guns currently being manufactured and which come up for sale should be modified to make the trigger as hard to pull as possible. Make it so anyone who wants to shoot someone must work really hard to do so. With automatic weapons, it might even be wiser to leave them in storage at local gun ranges to be signed out for use in the gun range and returned after the shooting session. This being as difficult to sell as gun legislation, I would have us set up a system similar to the ones currently being used with cellular phones, except for the retailer being able to activate the weapon upon transfer. In my proposal, the purchaser would need to go to a central online site to register their purchase and obtain a use code after being properly vetted. Their registration would ping the FBI, CIA, NSA or other designated agency deemed appropriate. This would start the background check process and also alert local law enforcement.

Once the background check is completed, those who are approved would receive a text, email or call alerting them their weapon was functional and their gun shop a notice they were permitted to sell them ammunition. The trigger would still be damned hard to pull. Trying to disable this feature would send a signal, disabling their gun. I realize this will not solve the problem of mass shootings and gun-related accidental deaths and suicides which occur each year in ever more staggering numbers. Perhaps, just perhaps, it might slow it down. How hard can it be?


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