The Road Returns

Follow Me ~ Philip Brent

Follow now, with me, the unfolding Macadam
Through these dimmed, fly-specked windows
Speeding from life, as if anyone gives a damn
Keep our heads down no matter where it goes

On this concrete ribbon vanishing into distance
We hasten through the night, scant illumination
Unlike water, we follow path of most resistance
As we put our trust in religion, group or nation

Stop, walk away, from the raucous metal scream
Listen to the music of the clouds, voices of trees
Where sun dapples grass, flowers, water gleams
Counterpointed by scolding jays, buzzing of bees

Fast our fickle freeway flies under spinning wheels
Till we cannot marvel at the matchless countryside
We complain it’s just not right, how this trip feels
But then we’ll swear we are only along for the ride

Marvel at the serenity of nature, in tooth and claw
Violent, but balanced, each to their place, season
Glory and majesty of creation, past enough to awe
Try not to overanalyze, this is not a game of reason

Who’ll provide memory for all we can’t remember
Much forgotten, whether we’re moving fast or slow
Limb, ligature, thought and reason grow less limber
Now is the time turn around, so we go with the flow

Slowing now, as we drive closer to that distant shore
The rhythmic slap of waves turning rocks into sand
Might this be the place spoken of in ancient folklore
Will our footsteps on the shore be what we planned

Road returns upon itself, a mythic worm Ouroboros
Unless we can exit on blue byways, a new destination
Are stranded by a dark roadside, lost in a deep forest
Should we drive into the water, deny our desecration


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