Ghost Cheetah ~ Philip Brent

Went out the other night, an academy of science, heard a talk
Studying the cheetah in order to slow, stop their steady decline
One woman grew a group to save cheetahs, when others balk
Hoping to make us understand how losing one, may all resign

Crowded, little parking, though I did not run fast as a cheetah
I trekked the savannah as far as the migrating herds, it seemed
Sweating, panting as I went in, hoped I didn’t reek like excreta
Hoping when the talk began that my efforts would be redeemed

Conservation of action and energy; never move until you must
When you go, give it your all, absolutely everything you’ve got
If you miss, it will happen, you’ll have left others in your dust
Continue and, in time, you will surely find your one true spot

Hopefully, what we do will benefit all of our future generations
If we stay viable sufficient time for anything we may do to help
Until we hold the Earth, every single life upon it in veneration
Whether we act adult or juvenile, if we have nurtured our whelp

Someone will take care of this, that is what you choose to think
They, them, you know the ones who’ll act, join the missing link
They do not really exist, you know, and your assumptions stink
Will there be a future, good or bad; we’re standing at the brink


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