Despite Expectations

Boots ~ Brent Harris

Boots ~ Brent Harris

Could it be that I have found and lost my way
Will it all change tomorrow, or stay like today
Mostly I have questions, while answers I offer
None will make you powerful nor fill a coffer

Does anyone know right questions or answers
The sinking Titanic; don’t disturb the dancers
Take me to your liter and poor me a stiff drink
Whatever you imagine, it’s not what you think

Not poverty, monopoly, any word ending in Y
Won’t help you till the Earth or pierce the sky
Neither within nor without, not labor nor life
Sun’s blessings or life’s troubles remain rife

Hold tight, my dear, in warmth, awake, asleep
Close secure hope, love, all you can truly keep
Sweet singing, the magic music of the spheres
No promissory notes, IOUs, nothing in arrears

No fireworks, anthems, no pomp or ceremony
You may not sing or crow; you’ll not get a pony
Stakes far higher than any gifts or any praise
Will not be vanquished by arguments you raise

Realize the path is always there, if seen or not
Feeling, strength, thought, the tools you’ve got
All paths ultimately go to the same destination
Everyone walks them all, despite expectations


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