Let Us

Nuclear Brand ~ Philip Brent

Nuclear Brand ~ Philip Brent

Let us spew more bigotry and hate
Into our sad and psychotic world
I mean, quick, before it’s too late
Words, bombs bullets to be hurled

Terror, disaster, anxiety all around
The news so black you cannot see
No matter what you say or you do
Storm clouds obscure your visibility

Try to get seen, action that’s notable
While life’s problems drag me back
Live like I’ve money by the boat-full
Debt is the only thing I do not lack

If I can convince us to burn it down
Every post and pillar here and there
Shoeless pauper or wear the crown
We will all be gone, so who will care

Wait, you say, that cannot be right
Surely, we must still have some hope
Cute puppies and kittens on that site
Make me think the answer is, nope

I am stressed, depressed, oh so blue
I’m sick and tired of evil, ignorance
If you can create just a miracle or two
Then, we might have a better chance

Though that cannot begin to change us
Believing unproven faith the only real
Disbelieving facts proven with science
Drop the H-bomb with a religious zeal

So my suggestion is let us get on with it
Let us end it all and stop the suffering
I mean, really, do you give a flying shit
Not like we’ve learned much anything


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