Child is Father to the Man ~ Philip Brent

Child is Father to the Man ~ Philip Brent

Will we
Grow up
Grow old,
Grow old
In all weather
Woven, weaving
A tapestry
Joined, cleaving
Or a shroud
Grieving, giving,
Dying, living
Out loud
Friend, lover
Mover, cover
Shielding all,
Times, signs
Lightening, thunder
Torn asunder
Torn apart
Hearts shred
Mere threads
Tatters, blood
Should we
Clutch tight, fight
Day and night
Color, image, story
Unanswered query
Or, for a time
Without rhyme
Separate ways
Wended, unmended
Disparate days

Suspended, suspending
Clinging, pushing
Lives full, rushing
Headlong into
Unknown and unknowable
Dangers, chances
Strangers, glances
Friends, rivals, more
Mysteries in store
Warp speed
Urgent need
A safety net
Sacred creed
Planted seed
A covered bet
Still and yet

To know
Our own story
Failure, glory
Bright, brief
Embers burn
December’s yearn
One heart
One life
Toil and strife
Love, understanding.
Standing in
Loss and sin
Taking, giving
All living
Borrowing, lending

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