So I Dream

Guns and Poses ~ Brent Harris

Guns and Poses ~ Brent Harris

Politicians rarely do what is needful, only if expedient
They are all so greedful, with more than can be spent
See them stand there sincerely, butter wouldn’t melt
Hearts frozen, all ice and stone, so nothing’s ever felt

Any cause moves them if it will win them an election
Convince you they‘ll more than help, if your selection
Promising the moon and more, but on their agenda
Never ever believe them, for each is only a pretender

All for self, all for power, despite what they expound
Keep everybody but their cronies, noses to the ground
No immigrant, any other; women, if they toe the line
Peel a grape and fan them as at poolside they recline

Do not pretend you think you are their equal, brother
Diverse voices, faces the world over, clone each other
Everything they want good, if they do not fight or die
Believe them at your peril; they can so easily tell a lie

So make a list of needful things and burn it in a fire
No guns, no hate, no war, to this we all should aspire
Prejudice, misogyny, examples from our distant past
So I dream, if no politicians; we might succeed at last


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  1. I love that dream.


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