What Mouth Talking, Which Ears Hear?

Baby I'm Bored @ The Extra Mile

Baby I’m Bored @ The Extra Mile

Oh please let us have just one more child
We promise to raise them meek and mild
Never mind the children we will conceal
Who will have to learn to cheat and steal

Population worry is only for the poorest
We are the richest, so all should adore us
Population worry must haunt the richest
Our numbers wipe ‘em out; what a bitch

There are too many of us I hear you say
Then we’ll just wipe out more each day
What mouth is talking, which ears hear
Cannot matter, as starvation is our fear

Ever-known hunger it means little to me
Never-known hunger, so I tend to agree
Its always this way and it will not change
A future worry, have some spare change

Relax, they’ve sold all bombs and guns
Outnumbering them, know we’ve won
A nuclear solution may be our last hope
People and planet on a downward slope

Each passing day proves our ignorance
Having means to change; but no chance
As religions, tribes and outlaws dictate
Yet will not call a halt, already too late?

Our population far beyond critical mass
Rapidly tipping us into our own morass
Don’t despair that we’ll fail in our climb
One more civilization in its swift decline

We will find our place in history books
Easily discovered by anyone who looks
In annuls of the future we will be filed
Till then, let us have just one more child

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