Category Micro Fiction

Trial and Tribulations of a Time Traveler

“I don’t know where I am or why they brought me here.” “You are in my space. You are here because I told them to bring you here. They have never seen anyone like you. You remind them of their maker. Did they tell you they heard his hair turned white overnight? They do not […]

Old as Time, Fresh as Breath

For all our myths, our stories and legends No matter what they say, what we call them They are tales, or treks, quests or journeys Seeking wealth, wonder, magic, mysteries These are grand sagas of villains and heroes Life depends on death that depends on life Follow fortune miraculous, amazing, unique Discovering what we never […]

Precious Cargo

We never dreamed their intelligence could increase so dramatically, so rapidly. Now, I’m frightened and cold, deep underground, where I hide my boys. Still babies, really. Claude, thirteen months,  Alex, just past twenty-three months, I swear. If only Stephen had not been killed, we could have devised a plan. The kinetic strikes destroyed Detroit’s Phillips […]