Old as Time, Fresh as Breath

Old World New ~ Philip Brent

Old World New ~ Philip Brent

For all our myths, our stories and legends
No matter what they say, what we call them
They are tales, or treks, quests or journeys
Seeking wealth, wonder, magic, mysteries

These are grand sagas of villains and heroes
Life depends on death that depends on life
Follow fortune miraculous, amazing, unique
Discovering what we never knew was missing

These fabulous fables are as old as time itself
And they are as fresh, as a baby’s first breath
Telling us everything and yet proving nothing
From the shock of birth till death’s final rattle

Mounting greed, dignity, cowardice, courage
Riding forth, we tilt at windmills, slay dragons
Some fall and some rise, hoping to illuminate
Hope we balance light to dark, before too late


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