All Together Now

My Cosmos ~ Not my Image

Wonder if you think it possible to find
something profane within the divine?
I think you must; it is merely balance.
Neither light nor dark work freelance.


When we’re dead, we’re turned to dirt,
ashes scattered  to the winds, the void.
It happens, neither you nor I can avert.
We cannot any way find a way to avoid

So,if we all end up dead, come what may,
what fools we be to think a life of greed
will alter it, make it end some other way.
From clutching, grasping we must freed.

Defined as stinginess, a paucity of spirit.
Know, the more given, the more we have
and, I honestly think you need to hear it,
we’re stronger together, like pieces of lath.

Love is the plaster that binds us together.
Empathy, strength, so we support others,
to shield us from the ravages of weather.
Draws us closer than sisters and brothers.

Greed and hate, storms that tear us down.
We’re left lost, inhabit a swamped planet,
until we breach the surface we will drown.
“What?  It came like this, we didn’t plan it.”

On trial for collusion and obstruction of life.
Is it our animal nature, a need for an alpha?
We let it keep happening; the signs are rife.
As they strut, they’re the best, they’ll tell ya,

even as we live on and try to make life better.
We must honor them or be left out in the cold.
Likely no reform, you’d better bring a sweater.
Am I crazy for saying this; I’m in no way bold.

I’m a canary in a mine, will die like all before,
as we pander to a few who control everything.
Alpha and all will step through the final door.
No one will listen, no matter how loudly I sing.

Whatever some claim, none know what’s after.
No beggar, bishop, boss knows what’s beyond.
Will it matter, if life is not full of joy, laughter?
Of possessions, power, this life, be not too fond.

We all end up atoms in our expanding cosmos,
that will grow infinitely small to again expand.
You may end up a guest in an unexpected host.
All an adventure, who knows where we’ll land?

On the same journey, despite danger, temptation,
galaxy, star, planet or sentient you may become.
And our path the challenge, not our destination.
If we all work together, might make the trip fun.


  1. One of the best


    1. Thank you very much.


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