Temporal Expense

Child is Father to the Man ~ Philip Brent

Do we now
Muddled men
Fetished females
Spend time
Like bits of metal
Paper, information
To prove
We are living
Collected, reflected
Twittering birds
Speaking, seeking
Books of faces
Incomplete meaning
Distant acquaintances
Lost friends
Some remembered
Many forgotten
Or never met
Face to face
Person-to-person call

Do people now
We teeming masses
Yearning for freedom
Grasp and grab
Cling to
Climb over
Each other
Boot to face
Ours, or another
Requiring light
Even reflected
Borrowed bling
Dazzling decoration
Mazing multitudes
Or only ourselves
Into believing
We are better
Than they are
Than we are

Do people now
We multitudinous
Postmodern parasites
Neomodern neophytes
Brains riddled
Holed-filled images
False idols
Implanted memories
Species dementia
Alzheimers of the soul
No truth
Albums stripped
No personal parameters
Words meaningless
Hope dissipated
Into anger, rage
Terrorized, fearful
Frustrated and lost
Within our own
Dwelling, being
Alone, yet terrified
Of togetherness
Comparing notes
Our stories, lies
Scraps of lives
Moments of madness
Instances of sanity

Puzzle pieces
Life movies
Fitted, placed
As we are able
When we may
Realize where
Our matching tiles
Similar shapes

And who we are
All the same
As all others

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