Songs of War ~ Songs of Peace

Always Remember ~ Image from ~ Modified by Philip Brent

Always Remember ~ Image from ~ Modified by Philip Brent

While I honor all the men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice and the families, military and civilian, who have born the ultimate cost, I believe we must look for a time when these words never need be written again.

And will the savage songs of war never end
Replaced by simple, sweet songs of peace
How can we ever forever our loved-ones send
When we know they feed the slavering beast

Why don’t we wonder why we never grow sane
When the best and the brightest are sent to die
Why do we choose blood, shed again and again
Listen to the war mongers tell the same lies

No matter the language, the time or the place
They exhort us to arms, to attack or defend
No matter the words or the look of the face
We feed lust, power and greed, don’t pretend

And the blood is as red, the death still as final
Husbands, wives, daughters, sons simply cease
Civilian, soldier, adult or child, grown or small
Remain in prayer, memory; only the dead find peace

Why can we not turn away, avoid this horrid plight
Are we stupid or crazy, witless or utterly spineless
Can we ever choose not to go again into that night
While good people sing always songs of their blessed

Leaves will turn orange, yellow, red in the autumn
Grass will grow green blanketing earth in spring
Seasons will each in turn greet the new- rising sun
Whether we humans remain will not matter a thing

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