All, Together

All, Together

                                                                 In the Sun’s Garden ~ Philip Brent Harris


I have shown you wonders beyond imagination,
revealed to you the smallest parts of my being.
I find you within me, yet, you don’t understand
languages to, of creation too gross and too subtle
to speak to you. I will guide a minor poet’s hand.

I am every drop of water and every grain of sand.
Lose me, your breath cannot count nor be breath
you may take. Certainly, you think I speak riddles,
I tell you; I am both life and death, every particle,
neutron, proton, electron, atom and their orbits.

I am gravity, holding all in thrall and entwined.
Every speck of energy, matter, thought and time
express me, are expressed by and as me. Parts of
me, which are parts of you, so infinitesimal you
will not find, nor name them other than they are.

I have parts of me, which are parts of you. that
stretch beyond vast, are superior to your ability
to untangle them. Your reason will attempt to
conceive, contain, comprehend, and encompass
them. Imagination leads closer to where I am.

I am the ink in the pen that holds the ink, in the
hand, which holds the pen, writing all the words
which you are now reading.  I wonder if you feel
confused. Will this frighten you, would you shed
all your dreams and your nightmares, also mine?

I am all that lifts you, tears you down, drives you
and all that distracts you. Your idols, greed, war,
religion, race, commerce, class, gender, violence,
hate, true discovery, false visions of us and all
other, that you pretend are yours only, alone.

I am all black space, the burning heart of suns,
all the denizens of every realm and place, I am.
I am rotation and orbit of nebulae and galaxies,
planets, moons, asteroids, meteors, comets and
beings and things beyond anything you believe.

I struggle to explain what these words mean,
no matter what you’ll see, hear, think, know,
imagine, I expressed, am expressed by images,
sounds, conduits and channels, seen or unseen.
Obvious in a baby’s first breath, a dying sigh.

I inspire living, breathe each breath, feel the
pain, an empty belly, the glut of one too full.
Every shout of joy, cry of anguish, I inhabit.
I am exultation, in every happiness, and the
heartache found in all sorrow, great or small.

I am justice; I am inequity, lies and truth.
You think you know me now; you do not.
You see me each day in everything, as the
simplest of beings, as the most complex.
You thank me and you blame me, always.

I may open your eyes, but will I correct
your vision of me as outside of yourself?
I have created and destroyed and I have
been created and destroyed in every way
that you may envision, imagine, assume.

I was the first chemical reaction and cell.
I multiplied, grew more complex, as you
have seen, when you looked within and
I swam in, crawled from primordial seas,
grew, moved. grazed, ate meat, with you.

I stood upright first and I struck the first
blow, striking the other, feeling the pain
as the other, myself and, of course, you.
All is my memory, everything and, I am,
always everything seen as good and evil.

I express me, so you might understand,
no separation, but vagary of presentation.
Names that will sometimes befuddle you,
used, so you might begin to comprehend.
So you’ll make a wise decision in the end.

I am all of this and more; you must choose
what part you’ll play and whether you and
I live a comedy, a tragedy, farce or drama.
How will you approach your role, in plays
of every moment and kind, to teach, learn.

I do not offer challenge but responsibility.
There is no question of blame, forgiveness.
There are only choices of how you portray
me, as you live whatever life you picked,
how well you remember who you/we are.

I tell you, if you have never been amazed
at the sheer magnitude of existence, you
must open your eyes, including your inner
eye and stand still, to focus, perceive, see.
You must see, hear with your whole heart.

I am blind and I am visionary, best, worst.
I am banker, bard, beggar, boundless and
finite, limitless and constrained, restrained.
I am the raped woman, the rapist, and each
and every voice that condemns either side.

I am hope and despair, the separated child,
their guard, the pain, wire, fence, concrete,
the wall, every brick stacked and mortared.
I am all love, all hate, compassion, callous
disregard amidst the longing and the terror.

I am forgiveness and I am condemnation.
In me find every gun-wielding manic and
bomber, all angry zealots upon every side.
I am every gun, every bullet, the wounded
and the dead. The killer and every scream.

I drip each drop of blood; I mop the floor.
I am a doctor’s hands, the mother’s tears,
greedy politician’s thoughts and prayers.
In short, I am raging storm and silence; I
am you as you’re me; we’re All, together.


Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,  Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment


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