A Matter of Choice


                                       Color Fowl ~ Philip Brent Harris

Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,
Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment


A Matter of Choice

Buy an instrument, six ninety-five
If you have been long enough alive
Much more money than you think
You can search it online, find a link
Sears when Roebuck is on the team
Near seers, you know what I mean

So, if you believe in whistling frogs
You probably believe in talking dogs
You never heard, you’re not listening
If you have, your eyes are glistening
You know the whole world is magic
While most have forgotten, so tragic

Two hundred years and still counting
So, pressure to remember’s mounting
Whatever we will choose to celebrate
We must celebrate love and not hate
When leaders boost egos telling lies
We might well become food for flies

Still, we’re merely a teeny tiny piece
Of the puzzle we call life, its release
Even if we blow up our ball of mud
The universe is like a flower in bud
Let’s get closer, we are too far apart
Say hello to a stranger, it’ll be a start

Sing a song, create art, do it together
Online, my poetry and art can gather
As distance makes us lazy and lonely
If shy, beaten down, it might be only
It’s a myth, we must learn to  reject it
We will find magic still, if we select it

Let’s try it, choose and take a stand
Smile at everyone, then lend a hand
All the same deep inside, take a look
See other people, places, read a book
Go, visit them, find it’s not so strange
People who love, hate, grow, change

Let’s grow up, childlike not childish
We are no more important than fish
Do you think may be already too late
Think we’ve no firm expiration date
Can we sit at a table, talk eye to eye
Or sit alone, pretend it’s not goodbye

Don’t wait for a mythic ship to arrive
Ferry the rich, powerful who survive
Yet, we may get to go along, as food
Some may tell me, they think it good
I’d rather sit down with you and talk
We’d best do it, before we can’t walk

When our implants are wi-fi enhanced
They will walk us, it is all so advanced
Do all the work or march us off to war
Wait, they already do it makes me sore
Remember right now, you have a voice
Speak up, while you still have a choice



Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,
Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment


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